Friday, December 01, 2006

Um Nova "Vigilante" de Salgados IBA

Every one of Portugal's IBA's (Important Bird Areas) has a designated "Vigilante", or Caretaker, who's role is to generally oversee the "care" of the site. Until recently the vigilante of Lagoa dos Salgados has been Joao Ministro but the role has now been transferred to a local Portuguese birder called Rui Eufrasia.

Rui looks "mean", and he can be; he does a wonderful job in reprimanding any miscreants (dog walkers, horse riders, quad-bike drivers, etc) who threaten the tranquility of this site and the welfare of the birdlife.

But, he is also a very nice guy and an excellent birder who knows more about the birdlife and everything else which goes on at Salgados than anyone else. His command of English is very good and he knows the names of all the Western Palearctic birds in Portuguese, Latin and English - quite an achievement!

If you meet him there please say "hello" - you will learn a lot from him.

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