Friday, December 01, 2006

Red-rumped Swallows (2006)

The Red-rumped Swallows which set up home and bred in the passage between the house and the garage returned this year. The nest was refurbished and a small extension to the entrance tunnel was added. We had hoped for an additional nest but no luck this year, and we have no idea whether the returning birds were the original pair, off-spring, or other.

Three broods were raised with five, three then two chicks hatched and fledged. In the autumn activity at the nest was intense with all twelve birds feeding over the garden and apparently all roosting in the nest - very crowded! One fledgling was found several times on the ground and manually returned to the nest. He (she, it?) appeared to be unharmed and was seen flying and returning to the nest after his parents and siblings had migrated south.

We look forward to their return in April 2007.

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RANDI said...

How cute! Lovely photos.

Regards from Norway