Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Alpine Accentor 2007

For a long time the Alpine Accentor (Prunella collaris) was one of our "bogie" birds. I had had glimpses at Foia (around the horrible cafe complex) and we knew that they occurred overwintering around the cliffs at Cape St Vincent. After many fruitless hours watching the sea cliffs to the north and south of the Cape it was Roger Skan who (in a state of "high excitement") found three birds feeding on the cliff edge in 2004. Since then we have seen them regularly and managed to also get this as a "lifer" for Jim Winsper, but the birds were always distant and moving very quickly making photography impossible.

On 30th December 2006 Peter Dedicoat, June Taylor and Georg Schreier found five birds feeding around the cliff top and Peter managed a good digiscoped shot. On 13th January this year Roger and I found two birds adjacent to the car-park at Cape St Vincent but two huge coach-loads of noisy Spanish tourists disturbed them. Eventually the "Espanols " departed, the birds returned and were very confiding, and I at last managed to get some good shots just before another coach-load of Germans arrived and walked between me and the birds!!

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